Polypropylene Hollow corrugated plastic sheet is an extruded twin wall hollow fluted plastic sheets consisting of two flat walls connected by vertical ribs . It is mainly manufactured from a high impact co-polymer polypropylene which can be used for recycling ,durable , washable and reusable, etc. Polypropylene pp hollow fluted corrugated plastic sheet/boards was proved that it is suitable in the uses of packaging , advertising , construction, agriculture, industry and pharmaceutical etc.


Polypropylene Hollow corrugated plastic sheet is available in thickness from 2 m.m. up to 10 m.m. and standard range width up to 2100 m.m.

Polypropylene Hollow corrugated plastic sheet is available in standard colours ( Custom Colours are also possible ).

Blue, Grey, Green, Red, Orange, Black, Yellow, Natural & White


Polypropylene Hollow corrugated plastic sheet has high fluidity,and it can be melted down and easily recycled after its lifespan is finished.

The pulverized pellets of recycled materials are used to make factory pallets, and other familiar goods such as garbage bins and polyethylene buckts.

Cut – up and scrapped corrugated plastic is recycled into a multitude of new plastic products. Aside from being used as resin in factory pallets, it is also used in fuels.

The amount of CO2 emission for the production of a 40X40X40 cm cubic made from cardboard box is about 0.5 Kg for each.The amount of CO2 emission for a same size box from corrugated plastic is about 5 Kg , however if a disposable corrgated carboardbox, which is only meant to be used once, could be used ten times over, each use would constitute a reduction in CO2 emission, macking it a “green” product.


Cost merits

The cost of boxes is becoming cheaper

The cost of each becomes higher than corrugated cardboard boxes.
However, corrugated plastic differs from corrugated cardboard boxes in that as a strong box which can be reused roughly ten times over again, the running costs are ultimately cheaper than cardboard. If used conservatively, corrugated plastic boxes can be reused more than 30 times.

Reduce hidden costs

In considering prices, there are many other costs to consider beyond just the box itself.

Yearly supply and distribution costs for heavy-duly corrugated plastic boxes are far cheaper than those of corrugated cardboard.


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